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So, we recently moved into “town”…yes, country came to town…and I discovered that we have amassed a lot of junk over the years!  Now, I mentioned in a previous post that we moved a few years back from our hometown to our current location.  Well, that was about five years ago in 2012, and literally…just a few months before deciding to put our house on the market in September of 2016, I finally had my husband sit down with me and open the box of our cd collections and go through them.  I ended up just putting them all back in the box so would could get them moved again to our current home.  CD’s and DVD’s in my opinion are some of the biggest space takers and quite frankly…they’re ugly.  If you put your book collection out for everyone to see it’s considered art but movies and music…not so much.  Our new house has these beautiful built-in shelves on both sides of the fireplace and I was determined that those ugly things were NOT going on my shelves.  However, I didn’t want them sitting around in a box for another five years.

See…not so pretty…

I did a little research, on Pinterest of course, to get some ideas.  I came across some good ideas.  One thing I embraced immediately was the idea of getting rid of the cases!  Who would’ve thought…makes perfect sense for me.  Not sure why I’ve never thought of this before but, honestly do we really need all those cases?  The resell value on CD’s and DVD’s, for the most part, is not enough to even worry about keeping the cases. I would like to point out here that I haven’t done my kids DVD’s yet because I know I’ll get rid of them one day and hate to not have the cases for the next child that gets to enjoy them.  So I am preaching to myself also!  Oh, and the best part is, I took out all the covers and put them in the recycle bin and then donated the cases to our church for the kids VBS crafts!  Now there’s no guilt in getting rid of them!!!

The next thing after freeing yourself from the cases is figuring out the best way to store them.  There are some post that talk about buying individual sleeves for each one and storage boxes where you can alphabetize or categorize.  This might be a great option for you, it would definitely save space however, that still wasn’t working for me visually (remember my beautiful built-ins).  I eventually came across a post that talked about using binders.  I was a little hesitant at first because binders usually aren’t all that appealing either, but after clicking on the link to some on Amazon I realized this was my answer!  They actually have several nice options on Amazon…DVD/CD Binders so be sure to shop around! They are a little pricey but you can get about 48 in one binder and the end result is wonderful.  They are camouflaged on my bookshelves.  You would even know they were there if your weren’t looking for them!  I bought two sets and have 1 and 1/2 binders worth of storage left to use (possibly for some of those kids dvd’s).

Look how much space that saves…

Now isn’t this better…


I would also like to add that I am not in any way associated with Amazon nor do I receive any money from them (although I should as much as I have spent with them).  This is solely just me trying to help others out and directing them to the right product(s) for whatever subject we are talking about!  I am definitely addicted to Amazon though and if they were to ever offer me any money for my opinions I wouldn’t think twice about taking it, haha!


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