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Turns out I was right about how hard it would be to keep up with a blog while raising three kids!  I have so many things I want to write about and share, but some days it literally comes down to sleep? or blog?…and honestly sleep usually wins!  I have some things from our recent spring break trip I want to share, recipes to be exact.  I’ve been slowly working on them, but I’m pretty sure recipes won’t be my topic of choice to blog about.  While I like to cook and I love to eat…blogging about food is quite time consuming!  Having said that, I need to add that blogging is my calm place, I enjoy it very much, just not when between 1 to 4 people are needing my attention! Today has been an especially demanding day…including but not limited to…baby with fever due to shots and/or teething, three year old with some sort of sickness (don’t worry I did take him to the doctor, but they couldn’t give me a straight answer either, so another antibiotic it is) who decided to lock me out of the house in the cold misty rain while I went to check the mailbox, and the eight year old who thinks screaming at his brother from the time he gets home from school actually keeps him from messing with his stuff…So, instead of working on a very time consuming food post I’m doing a quick post on another kind of recipe…DIY eye makeup remover.  I went to a party a few weeks back where we did a few make and takes and this was one of my favorites.  So, if you are in the midst of a chaotic day like I was, just go shut yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes, wash your face, sniff your DIY eye makeup remover with lavender…and relax!


DIY Eye Makeup Remover


1 TBSP Filtered Water

1 TBSP Witch Hazel

1 TBSP Olive Oil

3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil*


1.  Pour all ingredients in a 2 oz bottle (glass is preferable if using essential oil)

2.  Shake well before each use.


*If you’re like I was at one time, I would see a DIY recipe for something and get all excited until I saw an ingredient that I didn’t have or wasn’t familiar with using.  Then I would dismiss the recipe altogether.  So, I do want to point out that the lavender oil is optional.  Your eye makeup will come off with ease even without it!




2 thoughts on “DIY Eye Makeup Remover

    1. Good question! Ingredients I don’t use on a regular basis make me nervous and I generally shy away from the recipe it’s included in, so I was a little hesitant about this one. But I was told you can just get it at Wal-mart, etc. It’s in with the health/beauty section. I’m thinking more like alcohol/hydrogen peroxide area. I haven’t looked for it in the store but I have seen it online. Hope that helps!

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