Child Safety and A Pretty Idea…Using What Decor You have to Make Things Safer!

Y’all…I always have child safety on my mind with this bunch of mine and I love my children, but the decorator in me is not so in love with all the child safety apparatuses.  They are not a decorators dream by any means!  However, child safety is necessary and only needed for a short time (since they grow up so quick)…therefore, we deal with all the ugly contraptions, am I right?  For some reason it’s just in me to try and come up with ways to make everything prettier.  Even in organizing as you can see in my post about organizing dvd’s.  So, I’m excited to share this little idea with you.  It actually was a happy accident.  My “threenager” thinks he needs to touch EVERYTHING especially if I’m trying to get dressed!  He needs his hair fixed and chap stick on and a little of Daddy’s cologne, etc.  It was cute at first, but now it’s just a little annoying.  So, I’m always worried when I pull out my hot hair appliances that he’s going to grab them.  Just putting it as far back on the counter as I can doesn’t seem like a good enough solution to me.  This is because I know he is legendary for his ability to get to things that don’t even seem possible.  I mean, if this child had been around when they were building the Tower of Babel,  it would have been completeted…in about 4.5 seconds while our backs were turned and he’d have been climbing into the heavens before we could have stopped him!  I know there are some parents out there that KNOW what I’m talking about, haha!  So, anyway, I just did this one day while fixing my hair and thought it not only was a good tip, but also it kind of helps out with my need for everything to be pretty.  Win, win, right?  So, what do you need to do this?  Just find a Ceramic or other heat safe vase type piece of décor for your bathroom counter and stick your hot hair appliances down in them while they are warming up and cooling off, viola!

*Disclaimer:  I am in no way a child safety expert.  I am only a mother to three crazy boys.  I am only offering this as a mom tip not an expert’s advice.  ALWAYS watch your children around hot items!!!  I also can’t promise it won’t harm your hair appliances in anyway, so just use common sense on anything you do and we will all be ok!

This is what mine looks like…

child safety


child safety


So, tell me…do you have any little child safety tips that you just love?  Share them with me if you do!!!




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