To Sunscreen or Not To Sunscreen…That is the Question!

Lordy y’all…I was stressed out yesterday.  No, it’s not because I’ve been working on a particularly tedious post about decorating my shelves on a budget (stayed tuned).  Or, because I just found out that I finally got a booth in a local flea market (I’ve only been on the waiting list for three years and I just recently let go of a lot of things I could’ve used in it).  Or, because I’m trying to balance those things on top of playing with the family this summer all while maintaining somewhat of a normal routine of housekeeping, cooking, bill paying, etc.  No, it’s none of these things.  It’s because of sunscreen y’all!  Yes…sunscreen is the topic of great contemplation in my world right now.  It’s funny how sometimes you can hear or think about something and then all of the sudden it’s everywhere!  Well, right now mine is about sunscreen.  It all started the other day when I read something on Facebook about how bad spray on sunscreen is for you…Now, all I could think was “great…now that I just bought a double pack for our upcoming beach vacation (insert eye roll)”.  Somehow, every time I think I’m doing good something comes along to tell me I’m not.  I mean really, now sunscreen is killing us?  The alternative is no sunscreen, which they say is killing us also (insert double eye roll).   So, I decided to shrug it off for this summer and just go with it.  After all, I could just focus on the fact that I got a pretty good deal on a double pack with two extra little bottles.  That would at least satisfy the voices in my head that tell me I must bargain shop and get everything as cheaply as I can in order to be a good homemaker, right?  But, I can’t lie, it still nagged at me a little bit as I carried on with my next few days.  So, then  yesterday a Facebook friend posted this awesome post by a mom about, what else…sunscreen!  Basically, she says if you don’t already have anxiety you’re probably going to if you keep listening to all the “advice” we are bombarded with everyday on social media.  She hit the nail on the head!  I have got to stop letting everything get in my head.  I am too much of perfectionist for this!  If you tell me I’m not doing one thing right, I’ll freak out and not do anything right.  Yep, it’s true, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal.  If I think my sunscreen is killing my kids, then I might as well start serving ice cream for supper everyday.  I’m already killing them off with the sunscreen anyway, might as well fix ’em their last meal just incase, right?  I decided to try and forget about it, because she was right.  You can’t focus on everything without going crazy so just do what you can and enjoy your family!  But, hold on, because right after I was done reading this, one of my good friends asked on Facebook if anybody knew where the post was about toxic sunscreen!  I was like…it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere!!!  So, I politely mentioned that I had seen one about the spray on kind and then went about my day.  I unintentionally ignored my phone for awhile, because I was out shopping for stuff for my booth-now that I had already gotten rid of everything I was saving for it (insert eye roll again).  When I looked down, at my phone (ironically while in the same discount store where I had purchased my toxic death spray) I see it is exploding with notifications about people responding to her about…wait for it…SUNSCREEN!  I mean really…you people truly are way better than me and I don’t say that sarcastically!  I wish I had the ability to stay on top of all these little details.  But, for now, I can’t.  That’s the place that I’m at in my life right now, and maybe you are too.  Just know that it’s ok and you are definitely not the only one!  With all this seriousness let me leave you with a little funny…My oldest and I have been watching clips of Tim Hawkins.  One of my favorite is about his childhood and surviving the “bug truck“.  He says his came by once a week, ours came by every evening during the summer!  I’m just believing that if we survived the bug truck then my kids surely can survive a summer of Neutrogena spray on sunscreen!  With all this said, I hope you have a great summer, and if you need me we’ll be the ones sitting over in the shade!

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