DIY Foaming Hand Soap

I know y’all have been waiting patiently for me to post something interesting (insert tone of sarcasm, since I don’t really think many people read my blog other than a few faithful family members) but, once again I have found myself completely overwhelmed with that little thing we call life.  I’m so busy with life, in fact, that I’ve been out of my homemade eye make-up remover for at least a week or more and couldn’t find the time to run into the kitchen to make some.  Well, actually I had to make it to the big W to get some witch hazel, which I finally accomplished on Wednesday…and yes I’m finally making it on Friday!  You know how every time you want to make a recipe these days you have to go to Pinterest to look it up…well, I had to look up my own recipe, haha!  So, I figured while I was making up stuff, that I better get this one for DIY foaming hand soap in there so I’ll have it next time I need it!  So here ya go…


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