I wear many hats…well, actually I carry bags

So, I know y’all have heard the saying about a person “wearing many hats”…well I don’t wear hats, but I do carry many bags!  This occurred to me yesterday as I was trying to carry all of our bags from the vehicle back into the house yesterday afternoon.  All days are busy, but a few days of the week are a little bit busier than most.  This picture is a collection of all the bags I have to keep up with on those two days combined.  This picture shows you three backpacks saying that I am a mother to three boys.  I carry them to school, pre-school and Mother’s Day Out.  I carry them to their church activities-Awana and Cubbies.  You can see my Bible implying that I even get a little time to myself to go to my own bibles studies (not that I have time for the homework, which is what I should be doing now instead of blogging).   In the back is my “projects” bag.  It’s large enough for a binder.  Right now I’m in the middle of planning our churches fall festival.  Sometimes it’s a birthday party, or an activity for Awana, or a PTA project like teacher appreciation week.  And, right in the middle is my purse (on the days I’m lucky enough to bring it instead of my huge diaper bag/backpack) reminding me that I’m a woman too not just a mom!  I know that my children are still small and I know there will be a lot more and completely different types of bags in our future.  And, there are many jobs I do that I don’t have a bag to show for it, still I tend to compare my bags to everyone else’s bags…How does this one keep all her bags together?  How do they accomplish so many bags?  Why can’t I seem to keep up with their bags?  What are they thinking about my bags?  Ok, I know that sounds silly, but you get my point…I compare myself to other moms.  I wish I didn’t, but it’s just out there in our face everyday…especially on social media.  Everyone posts their picture perfect moments.  Everybody has an opinion (including me).  Everybody thinks they’ve got it figured out and need to tell you how to do it.  Strangers are judging strangers and posting their business on social media for all the world to judge.  Y’all it horrifies me!  What if someone snapped a picture of me, in one of my less than desirable moments, with one of my children and posted it for everyone to criticize!!! I believe that I can use my blog to encourage other mothers…to be a positive noise in this world of “perfect chaos”.  The irony of it all is, you can think “boy I am one hot mess” comparing yourself to that other mom and the whole time another mom is comparing herself to you saying the same thing!  So, let me just fix this problem for all of us and say…Not one single mom on this planet is perfect!  You’re welcome…so get up, stop reading my opinions (until my next post, haha), grab your bags, and get on your way of doing what you’re suppose to be doing!  Not what everybody else is doing, or what they think you should be doing, or what you think you should be doing…but, what God put you here to do!

One thought on “I wear many hats…well, actually I carry bags

  1. Sometimes we are slap dab in the middle of trying to figure out which bag 💼 God wants us to carry next! Well written, my friend!

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