No phone to call your own?

Well, y’all, I’ve been busy, busy as usual…I had a post in mind to write titled “No Time to Carve a Pumpkin”, but as it turns out, if you don’t have time to carve a pumpkin, then you probably don’t have time to write a blog post, haha!  Since, time change, I wake up at odd hours so I thought I’d jot down a quick post about something I’ve been thinking about the last few days.  Mostly so I will stop thinking about it, but if it helps someone else out by reading it then I guess I will have killed two birds with one stone.  Ok, here it is…Yes, I am attached to my phone!  There I said it…(insert gasp from older generation).  And furthermore…I’m not ashamed about it! (Insert deeper gasp by older generation).  Ok, ok, so what am I talking about here?  The other day in bible study we somehow got on the subject of people (aka younger generation) being addicted to their phones.  My bible study is a wonderful mix of older and younger women all in different stages of their lives.  And, I know we have all learned something from each other.  But, as we were discussing this, I admit, I just kept quiet and kind of laughed to myself.  Why?  Because if you took my phone away from me I would freak out and honestly I don’t see a problem with that.  Why?  Because we live in different times and my phone is a very important tool in my life.  I admit that I have my phone with me from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.  It sleeps beside me.  Now, mostly because my husband travels and I want to be available to talk to him if he calls at any given time, but also because I use it for everything!  Literally…everything!  I admit there are those occasional times when I use it as an outlet to escape the real world.  Example…if my kids are screaming and being obnoxious, I will zone out and read about everyone else’s life on Facebook for about 5 minutes.  And, maybe that’s not the best idea, but here are all the good things I use my phone for:

-My phone is my alarm clock.

-It is my devotional book.

-It is my Bible (mostly only on Sunday mornings because I figure 2-3 bags and 3 kids is enough to carry in and if God can’t forgive me for reading the scripture on my phone then I can just use the copy on the back of the pew).

-It’s my weather channel.

-Any news I learn is from my phone (because we don’t have live TV).

-I keep my grocery list on my phone.

-It is my calendar and it sends me reminders!

-I shop for groceries and other items from my phone.

-I store coupons on my phone.

-It is my camera and camcorder.

-It is my calculator.

-It is my map.

-It is my radio.

-I read my emails on my phone.

-I pay bills on my phone.

-I deposit checks on my phone.

-I balance my checkbook with my phone.

-I keep recipes on my phone.

-I run my little online store mostly with my phone.

-I scrapbook with my phone.

-I can use my printer from my phone.

-I keep up with my blog through my phone.

-I stay in touch and laugh with my sister-in-law that’s 8 hours away by using my phone to send each other funny videos about taking care of the kids and housework.

-I stay connected to my husband when he’s gone and his kids get to actually see him and talk with him all because of my phone.

So, as you can see…I really use my phone.  Now, I’m writing this because I want the generations to understand each other.  We are not parents walking around like zombies on our phone (well, some might be). Ok “older generation” picture this…if you were back in that young parenting stage of your life and people in your bible study had said “Ok, you’re spending too much time with your tools, it’s a bad example for your kids.  We need you to hand over your:  Alarm clock, devotional, bible, newspaper, television, grocery list, calendar, coupons, camera and camcorder, calculator, all your maps, radio, letters, checkbook and register, recipe book and photo albums and you’re not allowed to communicate with your friends and family…Do you think you would’ve laughed a little to yourself?

So, in conclusion, No, I will not give up my phone and I’m not going to feel guilty for it!  And, I’m going to laugh to myself when the older generation is appalled by that decision, haha!


Side note:  None of my writings are meant to offend anyone, so please read this in a very light-hearted, teasing, semi-sarcastic tone!  Thanks!


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