Here’s to a new year…and jicama sticks

So…I know that I haven’t posted in awhile (insert sad story of how busy I’ve been and everybody has been sick, blah, blah, blah) but I’m here now! One of my many New Years resolutions is to not procrastinate and catch up on things that aren’t really important, but I think about doing them often and then forget. Sometimes I think I make things seem harder to do, in my head, than they really are. You know what I’m doing right now…using my phone to write a blog post! I’ve also recently embraced the world of Snapchat. That’s right…I’m getting all kinds of high tech around here. Young folks might not understand, but there’s just something about the thought of typing on a phone that seems wrong. It probably has something to do with learning to type on an actual typewriter! That’s right…I’m old.

Now…where was I going with this? Oh yeah, my New Years resolutions…so, also I just want to be me and do things the way that makes me happy. If that means that I’m not going to have a “niche” on my blog, and just post whatever I feel like sharing at the time, than so be it! That’s why I’m posting something a little different today…funny videos of me trying jicama for the first time. Which leads me to another New Years resolution I have, eating healthy and losing weight. I started before Christmas, which was hard, but I think it was easier than starting after New Years for some reason. Maybe because I started the year off knowing I had already started achieving my goal of losing weight and didn’t have to start from scratch! I have lost 10 pounds total to date! It didn’t hurt that I had pneumonia a few weeks ago and lost 6 pounds while sick, however I’ve already gained 3 back!

Let me set the stage for you…I hate healthy food. I don’t eat raw fruits or veggies. I grew up in Louisiana where our motto is, if it sits still long enough we can probably fry it! I mean we fry our healthy food to make it taste better. Learning to eat healthier has been a small struggle for me. I did, just recently, embrace the “zoodle”. But that is because I can put sauces on it, haha! So my cousin and I were talking about eating healthy stuff. I mentioned that I didn’t know what other than some kind of healthy chip to eat my guacamole on. She responds with “I guess you can eat it on a jicama stick”. I just laughed because when she said jicama (sounds to me like hick-a-ma) I just assumed she was being funny and meaning that as a funny way to describe some weird hippy, no taste snack with no fat, no carbs, no calories and no flavor, haha! When I realized she was serious I pleaded my case with, we don’t have those here at our stores. Guess what? I found one this morning at the grocery store I go to every week. I didn’t take any pictures of my jicama, but just do a quick google search. It’s not to appealing in the veggie aisle. No wonder I’ve passed it up so many times! So, please enjoy my videos of me trying jicama and laugh with me because if you can’t laugh at yourself…laugh at others…who laugh at themselves!

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