Homemade Taco Seasoning

I love tacos! Who doesn’t, right? If you don’t like tacos we might not be able to be friends. Just kidding…kind of 😂 Well, in the last few years I’ve become very fond of making my own taco seasoning. Why? Well, one because I know what’s in it. Two because my eldest child has to have gluten free and for awhile there it was hard to find GF taco seasoning. Thirdly, I’m not at the mercy of a pack of seasoning if I’m craving tacos and don’t have any packs in the pantry. I found this really good recipe on Pinterest of course.  Here is the link. It is super easy and can be amended some and still come out great. For example, I only had garlic salt, so I just added that and put a little less salt in. I also like to add paprika to give it that reddish color…guess I eat with my eyes! So anyway here’s the recipe…

taco seasoning

See recipe here

Please forgive my inconsistency with the quality of spices I keep company with! It’s everything from the cheapest GMO-filled poison spices to the expensive high quality organic spices, haha! Depends on my mood at the store! Either I’m budget Kate or healthy Kate. I haven’t figured out how to be both yet!

Measure it all and put it in a pretty jar or not…I did use a recycled Nutella jar for a long time before I found this at the Goodwill!

Side Note:  Pig Says is back there.  His saying is beginning to get worn off, but I’m keeping it awhile longer because my niece wrote it on there for me when she was up visiting!  Be sure to check out Pig Says first post here!

Then shake and voila! You did it. Now go pat yourself on the back. Don’t you feel so accomplished now!?!

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