Half Birthdays…Oh it’s a Real Thing!

Ok let’s just get real here…I know there are those moms who celebrate every little milestone and make life extraordinarily fun. And at heart I love nothing more than planning events and doing those sort of things too. But let’s face it…I’ve had to…I live in a world of boys. I had to learn real quick when my oldest was little, that they really just don’t care. I was busting my behind trying to make every holiday perfect until one Fourth of July it hit me. These two men in my life (the hubs and the man child) could care less if we go to the children’s parade around the square. Here I was having a meltdown trying to get there in time with a fully decorated tricycle…and no one cared but me! Perfect example of this is happening as we speak. The middle man child has been sent to his room to cry it out, because when I surprised him with a half birthday party (decor, cupcakes, presents even) he said as he started crying “I don’t want this, I get so tired of this) 🙄 I just can’t even deal right now. This is the same child who’s asked me since January, when the other two had their half birthdays, if he was going to have one? You know what…he’s going to straighten up here soon and we will have our cupcakes. And I’ll post a cute collage on Facebook like there was never any trouble at all. As for all you other moms out there that are killin’ it…props girl…you got it going on!

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