Life Gives you Lemons…Pioneer Woman Gives you Lemonade for 25 Cents!

I’ve really been wanting to share about my trip to the Pioneer Woman Mercantile and Lodge! So, as I’ve mentioned before, my husband travels for work a lot. Usually he’s home a good bit during summer. That hasn’t been the case this summer. So there haven’t been any vacations. And there isn’t much I can do with three little boys all by myself, ha! So, when the hubs had only been home a couple of weeks before he got a call to go back out, I was kind of feeling like life was giving me lemons. But, when I realized that he had to make a quick trip to Oklahoma first, I decided to roll with it. It came to my memory about a Groupon for a hotel there with a kids indoor pool area and there was a zoo nearby, and Pawhuska was only an hour away! Now, I’ve been wanting to make it up to the “Merch” (as Ree calls it-cause you know we’re all BBF’s now 😂) for awhile. This was the perfect excuse to go. My husband was totally on board. Anytime he can drag us along he will and the boys love staying at hotels, especially ones with pools! So our plans were set…I was turning lemons into lemonade! I won’t bore you with all the details, but let’s just say don’t trust the pictures on Groupon. Don’t worry, I left a “lovely” review…But we had fun anyway. Of course, Pioneer Woman day was my favorite. I know this is the part you’re waiting to here about any how. So we get there about 10:00 on that Monday morning. My original plan had been to be there around opening time, but you know…kids, haha! We got a parking spot right around the block. Short walk…we see there’s a line forming and it looks like rain is coming. I get the feeling that this is going to be more of a lemons kind of day. So we go in to get our name on the list and they tell us if we eat breakfast then we can go ahead and be seated. Of course, we were all like, yep we’re eating breakfast. It was a good thing too because it did start to rain while we were eating. Now, the Merch is so cute and our waitress was SO nice! You can’t help but be excited when you go in. But you know what makes it better? The tea and lemonade are only 25 cents! And it’s a humongous glass. I was impressed. I give you props Ree! That is a nice touch. And the food was delicious. Sometimes places like this are talked up so much that they end up disappointing, but that’s not the case here. We stuffed ourselves and then did a little shopping, of course we had to stop in at the bakery for sweets and a Spicy Cowgirl coffee (just to say I did it). Now the best part was that it just happened to be a day they were giving tours of the lodge. This is the guest house on the property where she films her cooking show. So we asked an employee and they gave us the “secret directions”. Now you have to ask. They don’t just pass them out to everyone who walks in. Keep that in mind if you go. So off we went, on our secret mission to find the lodge! Really it’s not that hard and the scenery along the way is beautiful. Now, don’t take this wrong, but I’m not really a “fan” type person. I mean I may really admire a person, but I don’t go all “Beetle mania” about them! In fact, my oldest asked me if I watched her on TV and I whispered quietly “Actually no, I never have time”. What I do get crazy about is seeing the inside of houses! I love decor, seeing how people live, and even what kinds of everyday items they have in their house. Ok, I know, it sounds weird. But these are the things that interest me, ha! It just intrigues me to see how other people live. The lodge did not disappoint! As soon as we walked in I could instantly tell The Pioneer Woman’s personality. I believe she’s a very trusting, giving, laid back person. Ree correct me if I’m wrong 😂. I thought the whole time…I’d never let all these people stomp through my house. I’d have that door locked. They better not use my bathrooms. I would’ve put this stuff away. The house is just an open book. You’re welcome to look through it all if you want! Of course, we had fun with it (pictures to come). I truly admire her for allowing us to come in as if we’re old family friends. I kept telling my husband, oh see we’d be best friends, I just know it, haha. I also told him “I’d cook too if I had a kitchen like this”…truth is I cook anyway, so that wasn’t much of a threat. Honestly I didn’t want to leave, I could’ve sat out on the porch letting the boys play with the dog (Walter, I think) all afternoon. Unfortunately, another storm was rolling in and we left to get ahead of it. I enjoyed this small day trip as much as I would’ve enjoyed a “real” vacation. You know you can’t count Pawhuska as a vacation destination…yet! And to Ree, my new BFF (still totally just kidding)…thank you so much for giving me a 25 cent lemonade kind of day!

I have SO many fun pictures to share that I opted for collages! Enjoy!

Yummy Food!

We had window washers across the street to keep the boys entertained. Also you can see the littlest acting like he’s interested in the menu, but of course even Pioneer Woman’s food couldn’t entice the toddler 😂

Then we did a little shopping and got snacks (like we hadn’t just ate). If you go be sure to try out the spicy cowgirl coffee! Please note that the Pioneer Woman did win the toddler over with her stuffed puppies. And yes, we did leave with one. Excellent marketing strategy Ree 😉

Then we went to the lodge where we had to play with everything, haha! I think the boys really enjoyed seeing mama act silly!

The view was gorgeous and of course Walter was a big hit with the boys. Especially the littlest! And of course I had to stop and take a picture with the Drummond ranch sign. See the storm rolling in?

Now I have pantry and chair envy. Wonder if Santa can find me that chair for Christmas?

I hope you enjoyed my pictures!

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