Giving an old dresser new life

This past spring we changed up the boy’s rooms. The oldest got a room to himself. Since then I’ve been looking for a dresser for his room. Now, I know I can just go run up to the furniture store and buy a new one, but that just doesn’t set well with me. Where’s the challenge in that? Haha! So, this past week I was out thrifting with a friend when I spotted it…the perfect, only $30, needs some love, but has good bones, dresser! I didn’t buy it right away for some odd reason (bc I didn’t know they would deliver it for me and the hubs is out of town again). So the next day I went back for another item I didn’t pick up and thought about all night (does anybody else do that?) and surprisingly the dresser was still there!

The toddler was excited too, haha!

This time I mentioned it and they told me it could be delivered (I had not known about this service, now I’m in trouble, haha). So, Friday the dresser made it to my house and Saturday was D-day! I worked on several projects since I had my stuff out, but I only finished two…typical.

So here is what it looked like before…it definitely needed a little love, but look at that hardware ❤️…

Now normally I just chalk paint everything, but this time I wanted the top to be wood and the rest painted. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t real sure I could pull this off since it would involve using the electric sander. I hate sanding and the only other projects I’ve done like this, I had my husband sand for me. So, I didn’t end up sanding it all the way to the bare wood. First of all, I didn’t have the patience for that and secondly, I wanted some of the old to show through. I like things to look old, just not crappy old (if that makes sense, haha). So this was kind of an experiment for me. I just sanded of the shine. I sanded the drawers some also because there was some really flaky spots and I didn’t want that showing through. I used Minwax English Chestnut stain because that’s what I had already. I had a little trouble with that funky corner, but I just added extra stain to that spot. For the paint I used some I had leftover. I knew I wanted a darker gray and that’s what I had leftover from fixing up my new booth. The paint is Sherwin Williams Peppercorn and I mixed that with my chalk paint concoction…

I gave it two good coats and then hit it lightly with some sand paper to rough up a few spots. Then coated it with SC Johnson paste wax. Once the stain dried I used a clear coat, Minwax Helmsman clear satin.

At first I thought that I’d messed this one up because that darn corner wasn’t as shiny as the rest, but I gave it a second coat and went to bed. The next morning it was perfect! Well, not perfect…if you are looking for a post on how to do something perfect than this is not it, haha! I know I don’t do all the sanding and correct prep, but that’s ok because I like my furniture pieces to have imperfections. I think that’s what gives them their character!

I think it came out perfectly. At least better than before. I’m actually a little jealous that my son gets it in his room, ha!

I hope this inspires you to do your own project!

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  1. Kate this is absolutely beautiful, but Girl if I had seen this first! Haha

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