Updated Bar Stools

Isn’t it funny how everything goes out of style and then makes a comeback sooner or later? That’s true with clothes, decor and more. Right now I’m seeing a lot of things that are sending me into flashbacks of my childhood, haha! Incase your wondering that would be the 80’s-90’s. But I’m mostly noticing things from the late 80’s/early 90’s. For example…wallpaper…high waisted jeans…wicker…fanny packs…neon…Hunter Green…chokers…brass…and the list goes on. So I wasn’t to surprised with myself when I decided, instead of spending a few hundred bucks on new barstools, I’d just pick up these two beauties for about $25 total…

Sorry, I only had time to take a pic of just the one. I admit, it wasn’t that long ago that I would’ve passed these right by without another thought. But, I knew I could make them really cute with some paint…I know these things because of Pinterest 😉

I decided the other day, when I was painting the dresser I talked about in my last post (see here), that I’d go ahead and work on these…finally! They’ve only been waiting over a year…I know, I know…that’s ridiculous, haha!

So, anyway, I used the same chalk paint that I had mixed up for the dresser and started painting away. It took two coats each. After they dried, I did a light distressing and then coated them with wax. You can see all the details of paint and wax on my last post (see post here).

I usually distress everything, but I actually liked how they looked before the distressing. So why did I distress them you ask? Because I have 3 kids and they are going to distress them for me anyway 😂

P.S. I know they don’t match exactly. The truth is one was taller than the other and I had my hubby chop one down to the same size as the other. But I won’t tell if you don’t!

Here is the recipe I use for my chalk paint.

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