Vintage Lamps…I just can’t stop myself!

I’ve been trying this thing where Wednesdays are my blogging day. But, I forgot today was Wednesday…sooooo I’m just going to show you a picture of a beautiful “revived” lamp that I have for sale. Actually it’s a pair, but for some reason I only have a picture of the one…go figure, ha! I love these lamps! In fact I love a lot of vintage lamps…I may have a problem…don’t look in my work room…just sayin’. So anyway, back to these lamps, just a little cleaning, learning how to change out the nightlight in the base (and that wasn’t simple), new shades and voila! With their beautiful gold and gray floral detail, I think these lamps could look so current with the right decor! I love gold and gray combo…and floral! If they stay around to long, you know whose house they are going to end up at…haha!

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