Freshening up My Decor

First day back to our normal schedule and I feel like I’ve got a million projects on my mind! I bought this cute wooden decorative piece with some of my Christmas money and decided to work on revamping the top of my china cabinet with it this morning…which required a stop at Goodwill to see if I could find some greenery. I scored finding this whole plant and basket for $2.12! The cute galvanized house is actually from Dollar General 😮. The rest I already had. I love blue, but I’ve tried getting away from it over the years. I just decided I might as well give up fighting it, haha! Which reminds me that when God puts desires in your heart, you just can’t shake it. Even when you try to hide all your “blue stuff” in cabinets, it somehow sneaks back out. For a long time now, I’ve been disappointed that my talents are more, what I would call, unimportant. I mean why would God need me to decorate when there are people out there that need so much more basic care. Why do I not feel led to be a doctor, or teacher, or scientist or something important like that. Because of these insecurities, I didn’t follow through with my dream of becoming an interior designer. Actually I dropped out of school and then later went back and got my degree in medical billing…can we all say yuck 😂. I HATED that job! So, I’m not really in a place to go back to school right now, nor do I really want to. But I can use my love of decorating to connect with people and maybe even somehow show people a little glimpse of God by my words of encouragement and His beauty that shines through in our beautiful homes!

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