Just a Bowl…

I’m just going to talk today if that is ok…I’m feeling a little discouraged and I need to give myself a pep talk, so bear with me please!

So, sometimes I have epiphanies while thinking about the most random things..this would be one of those times.

Let me do a little back story first. I have always loved garage sales and thrift stores since I was a kid. So, I’ve collected a lot of things over the years. So, I haven’t always been up on current collector trends since my collecting days have begun. With that said, I probably have things around that I don’t realize their value or current “desirability” you might say, because I didn’t buy it for a collection. I bought it just because I liked it. Most currently I have been realizing how many pieces of Ironstone I have because it is so collectible again.

Ok, now to my story…

So, I’m washing dishes this morning, doing all the boring mundane chores, and I look down to get my bottle brush out of my cute little bowl I keep it in by the sink, and it hits me! Hey that’s a piece of Ironstone. The prettiest little blue and white, footed oval bowl. Possibly even consider “flow blue” which is even more collectible, but I’m not positive so I won’t deem it that. But, non the less, it’s a beautiful piece of Ironstone. To prove myself right I turn it over to read the stamping “Ironstone”. Now, how shameful of me to give this lovely collectors piece such a disgraceful job, holding my scrub brushes!!!

But wait there’s more…it dawned on me that this piece has probably been through many stages and had many different uses in its lifetime. Right now it’s being a scrub brush holder…it’s not the most glamorous stage of its life. But it’s fulfilling its purpose at the moment. Do you see where I’m going with this? Yep…basically I feel like this piece of Ironstone. I feel like I have good potential and my Maker created me for great things, but I don’t feel so “great” right now. My current stage of life is not so glamorous. I feel like my potential is just kind of buried under all the “to do’s”: the kids, the cooking, the cleaning, and well you know, all the mundane stuff. But, it’s also a very valuable stage of life. I’m doing very important work, it’s just not so glamorous looking and that’s ok. This stage will be over before I know it and I’ll be on to another stage in life. Maybe one where I’m set out as a lovely collectible piece of decor, filling a once void space with beauty. 😉

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