Decorating Shelves

I know I’ve done a post on here before about decorating shelves, but it was time for an update! I did that post when we had just moved in our house and really I was grasping at straws. I didn’t even really know where half my stuff was still, haha! Now that it’s been a few years…I’m feeling a little more settled. Also, my littlest has started sleeping through the night in these last couple of years. Took me awhile to get my brain caught back up from the years of missed sleep. I know some of y’all can relate! There are some good points on that post. You can check out that post here. You can see I’ve developed my style a little more in the past few years. My heart is still the same though!

So, anyway, after finally painting my living room, I knew it was time for a shelf refresh. I started a few weeks ago. Yep it took me awhile. But basically I’m dealing with 24 shelves here! That can be a little overwhelming. Actually I started off with 28 shelves but decided to remove one shelf out of each top one to make it a little less cluttered feeling. I began by clearing them all out. Then I pulled out all my fave things and set them out on the table. Because I wanted thing to be even on each side, I matched up similar things so I would know what I had to work with.

I would say, space out and stage the pieces you love and then add in fillers (like greenery, books, etc.). We live in our houses so don’t be scared to use them. Need a DVD player on there? Great, just find creative ways to blend them in or hide them. I blended mine in with a stack of books. Also, use pretty containers and baskets to hide things like magazines and remotes. Once you get the wheels rolling in your head you’d be surprised what creative things you can come up with.

Also, don’t be scared to think outside the box. I decided to display my new found Ironstone dishes on my shelves. It’s a little odd to put dishes in the living room, but it’s something I love and enjoy looking at!

So just to recap, fill them with things you love, use creative ways to hide the ugly, and most importantly don’t stress over it. It’s your house…love it!

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