Who is Southern Girl Writes…




I’m just a girl who was born and raised in the south.  I say y’all, ma’am, and sir on a regular basis and I tend to leave the “g” off of most of my words ending in “ing”.  I have been married long enough to qualify in giving newlyweds advice, haha!  I am a mom to three boys.  No…We’re not going to try for a girl.  I’ve made my peace with having all boys.  My grandparents helped raise me and I have a lot of “old time” values.  I’m a lover of all things vintage and not ashamed of my frequent stops at garage sales and thrift stores.  I believe that you don’t have to spend a lot to make things beautiful.  I love ALL things homemaker…most days.  I wear many hats, as most stay-at-home moms do!  My husband travels for work so, sometimes I wear hats that I shouldn’t even be wearing…I have had to shoot a opossum before.  Now, before you get your animal-loving panties in a wad, I had to!  It was getting my chickens and we’d invested more money into them than the opossum, haha!  We did live in the country and attempted the “farmette” lifestyle for awhile.  But, after our third “surprise” and no end of my husbands traveling in sight, we finally decided it would be best to move back to town for this season of our lives.  I started this blog because I need an outlet to “talk” with other adults while living in a world consumed by the everyday duties of housewifery and motherhood!

Some things that I plan to talk about are recipes I come across from friends and family and my adventures in gluten free cooking.  Decorating on a budget using garage sale and thrift store items, and incorporating vintage and heirloom pieces.   Ideas for making your events just a little extra special.  Being a homemaker and things that help me stay organized and my favorite DIY projects.  Being a mom and all that entails, including ideas for all the projects that come along with being a parent.  And last…but not least, ideas and thoughts that I think may help or inspire someone else who is on the same crazy journey that I am!  I hope you enjoy my blog!!!